Ultimate Blog: Product-Market Fit

Series A venture capital investors are obsessed with product-market fit. Product-market fit is arguably the most critical milestone for a startup. Very little else (if anything) will convince a Series A venture capital fund to invest if you haven’t found product-market fit.

Ultimate Blog: User Churn

High user churn will destroy your business, there’s no way around it. User churn kills startups. As such, it is one of the most important metrics that venture capitalists analyse before committing to an investment.
Bessemer Venture Partners state an annual 5-7% user churn rate is acceptable for their portfolio companies.

Ultimate Blog: How to pick the right Venture Capital investor

Be cautious, the most convincing venture capitalist is not necessarily the most helpful investor for your company.  Several brand name investors (according to founders) are pretty useless. The wrong venture capital investor can even be detrimental to your startup. Despite what they might want you to think, the fact is that several VCs simply don’t …

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Ultimate Blog: User Churn

User churn is defined as the number of users that leave your product/service on a monthly or annual basis. It is normally expressed as a percentage against your total user base.
High user churn will destroy your business.