How it works

Fundraising is incredibly tough for founders. 95% of your outbound fundraising efforts are simply ignored.

We felt like something needed to change. Founders need actionable feedback  and exposure to the best investors in the world
to maximise their fundraising chances.

So we built

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Once you upload your pitch deck, we use OCR technology to extract the content. This text is then analysed and sent to ChatGPT where our custom model and prompt analyses it, just like a venture capitalist would. We have 9 main areas of feedback:


What makes your solution unique and better than existing solutions available today?


Are you addressing a real and significant customer problem?


Are you showing any early signs of product-market-fit?


What makes your team different? What will convince investors that you are the ones that will win this opportunity?


How do you plan to create a sustainable competitive advantage that will withstand future competition?

Market Size

We consider your total addressable market and underlying growth trends of your industry (amongst other things).

Investment Ask

Are you truly venture capital investable? VCs need to be convinced that each investment they make can grow 7-10 times in just 5-7 years to be tempted to invest.


Are there any legal or regulatory risks that an investor would be concerned about?

Business Model

Is your plan and timeline to achieve profitability feasible?